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By EBL, 03/07/19, 10:00PM EST


A few players each year in the New England Elite Baseball League stand out above the rest and become immediate college prospects.  GBG's Matthew Brinker is one of those players. Matt brings all 5 tools to the table making him a big time prospect that college coaches will definitely be following over the next few years.  Here is Matthew's interview with EBL:

What age level and team do you play for in the EBL? 

Brinker: 15U GBG Northeast

What positions do you play? 

Brinker: Catcher, outfield and 3rd Base

What position is your favorite? 

Brinker: Catcher

What grade are you in?

Brinker: I am a freshman at Xaverian Brothers High School. 

How do you like the GBG program? 

Brinker: I love the program.  What I like best is that if you are willing to put in the effort, you will leave the program a better baseball player. 

How do you like playing in the Elite Baseball League?  

Brinker:  The EBL is loaded with talent and is highly competitive, making it the place you want to play.  I have friends from my hometown that play on other EBL programs.  I've also had a chance to meet several other players from across the league over the past 5 years. 

I know it's early but where would you like to play college baseball?  

Brinker: I just want to play college baseball no matter where the school is located. Having the opportunity to achieve this goal is a dream of mine.

Is there a game or tournament that you remember the most?  

Brinker: 13U EBL playoffs last year.  We came into the tournament as a high seed and tied the 1st game. We won out from there and walked home with the trophy. 

What program do you get the most pumped to play? 

Brinker:  The Legends Prospects.  We always know it's going to be a good game.