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By EBL, 03/18/19, 3:46PM EDT


Nokona Chiefs 12U Division I player Paul McCarthy looks to have another dominate year on the baseball field.  Paul is one of the most feared players in the 12U Division I level and he will be trying to guide his team to back to back EBL Championships in 2019.  Here is EBL's interview with Paul McCarthy:

EBL: What EBL program do you play for?  

McCarthy: I play for the 12U Nokona Chiefs.

EBL: What positions do you play?  What is your favorite position?  

McCarthy: I pitch and play third base.  My favorite position by far is pitcher.  

EBL: What grade are you in?  

McCarthy: I'm in 6th grade.

EBL: How do you like playing for Nokona?  

McCarthy: I love it.  It'a a spectacular program with a great facility and staff.  My coaches are awesome. Every time we practice, I feel like we improve. I've grown very close to my teammates.  They're all great friends with a great deal of talent, themselves.  All in all, it is a great environment to be a part of.  

EBL: How does your team look this year? 

McCarthy: Our team looks great.  We've continued to work hard and I feel like all aspects of our game have improved.  We're all looking forward to the season. 

EBL: What program do you get the most pumped to play? 

McCarthy: Personally, I look forward to playing the Northeast Gators because I have friends from home on those teams.  

EBL: How do you like playing in the Elite Baseball League? 

McCarthy: I love it.  The competition level is high and there is no way I'd get to play against the best in New England without the EBL. 

EBL: How did it feel to win the Elite Baseball League 11U Division I level Championship last year?

McCarthy: It was a great year for our team.  We worked very hard before and throughout the season and it showed in the outcome. 

EBL: Besides baseball what is your favorite sport?

McCarthy: Basketball is my 2nd favorite sport.