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By EBL, 04/12/19, 11:45AM EDT


One of the newest members of EBL is Evolution Baseball – often referred to as “EB”.  Over the past two seasons, EB has been regarded as an organization the rise in New England.  The organization not only provides quality instruction, facilities and a professional structure for its players – but they have already demonstrated their ability to place their players into college baseball programs after high school.

Gavin Price, Tyler Mudd, Tyler Nielsen and Connor Hujsak of Evolution Baseball all verbally commit to Rutgers.

Four players know first-hand of EB’s network of college coaches and placement skills.  Tyler Nielsen (2020, St. John’s – Shrewsbury), Connor Hujsak (2020, Goffstown High), Tyler Mudd (2021, Deerfield Academy), and Gavin Price (2021, Quabbin Regional) are not only among some of the elite travel ball players who are in the EBL, but their paths to play college baseball is uniquely connected.  What makes their paths distinctively linked is the fact that all four players have verbally committed to NCAA Division 1, BIG10 conference member – Rutgers University upon graduation. 

Take a step back for a moment and consider that according to NCAA, 7.1% of high school baseball players play in college. Not only will these players get the chance to play college baseball, but they they’ll have that chance to do so together.  That is a rarity. 

EBL had to learn more about what the players themselves feel about sharing this unique experience with one another.  Here’s what each of these EB players had to say:

TYLER NIELSEN - Class of 2020, St Johns-Shrewsbury – LHP
Going to Rutgers University after high school and being able to have the opportunity to play in the BIG10 conference is an unbelievable feeling. Ever since I first visited Rutgers I felt as if it was the perfect fit for me not only on the baseball field but academically as well. One thing that influenced my decision was the fact that three of my teammates and friends were already committed to Rutgers: Tyler Mudd, Connor Hujsak and Gavin Price.

Tyler Mudd has always been an unbelievable teammate and friend.  Being a pitcher, it’s always nice knowing I’ll have a guy like Tyler roaming the outfield when I’m on the mound. As a lead off, he always seems to get on base and wreak havoc on the base paths.  In addition, he’s a reliable pitcher who works fast and pounds the zone. The first time I saw Connor I was in awe of his talents. He is an unbelievable two-way player who is a shutdown pitcher and a hitter who can (and has) changed the game with one swing. Gavin is another great friend of mine that is a very reliable infielder whether it be at second or short and a terrific right handed pitcher. Gavin is one of those guys, who each time I see him, it seems like he has gotten better.  I think that really exemplifies his great work ethic and determination to be the best.

It’s such a rarity that a player gets the opportunity to play baseball with friends for as long as I have.  It’s even more rare to continue to share the baseball field in college, let alone in a Power Five Division I school like Rutgers.  I know we are all super excited for what the future holds.

The EBL is a top-notch baseball league that features the top talent and teams in New England. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance play in the EBL.  I can’t stress enough how much it prepared me to play at the next level. Playing against top teams and players all over the northeast is crucial in order to improving and getting better and I believe and know that’s what the EBL has to offer. EBL seems to only be getting better too.

CONNOR HUJSAK - Class of 2020, Goffstown High School – SS, RHP

Not only am I extremely excited about playing D1 baseball at Rutgers, I am looking forward to playing with my friends and fellow Evolution teammates. Tyler Nielsen, Tyler Mudd and Gavin Price have been a part of my baseball career for four years now and knowing that I will continue to play alongside them at Rutgers is incredible. Each one of them excites me in their own ways.

Nielsen is a competitor and a kid who always stays focused.  I love playing the infield with him on the bump because he works quickly and mixes in enough ground balls with his strikeouts. Ty Mudd is someone I can always rely at the top of the lineup and out in center field.  His speed and competitiveness are awesome.  Gavin Price is a player who I cannot wait to train with, and watch grow. Being able to work with him up the middle this upcoming season and then when we get to Rutgers is exciting.   All four of these players are not only great friends and players – but they help keep me motivated.  I love playing alongside these guys.  Each one is not only great ball players but are great people too and I cannot wait to get after it with them at Rutgers and do damage with them in the BIG10.

Over the years I’ve been a part of multiple programs who played in the EBL and I believe it set me up for success. With the games being competitive and facing talented kids really has helped me prepare for the BIG10. 

TYLER MUDD – Class of 2021, Deerfield Academy – LHP, OF

Being able to play college baseball has been a dream of mine since I started playing.  Not only am I honored to get the chance, but to have the chance to attend a school like Rutgers and play in the BIG10 is incredible.  What makes this tremendous opportunity even more special is getting to stay with my Evolution teammates. 

We’ve all played together since we were fourteen years old and some as early as ten.

Connor Hujsak is an unbelievable. It doesn’t matter if it’s fielding, hitting, or pitching – he can single handily take over a game.  He’s strong, fast and plays the game with a strong baseball IQ.  I’ve played with Gavin Price since I was ten years old. As a pitcher, he has such a high ceiling and is great at keeping hitters guessing.  He has top-notch off-speed stuff and with the combination of that and his high velocity fastball, he’s very tough to hit.  Tyler Nielsen has grown so much as a player since I started to play with him at 11 years old.  He’s extremely intelligent and knows how to pitch.  Last spring Tyler’s game really jumped to another level. He throws strikes and every time he pitches will give you a chance to win.

I think playing in the EBL really helped our game evolve. There were no days off, and we knew we had to bring our very best to every game. I think the competitiveness of the league really helped our team in the national tournaments. Playing in such close games against very good teams gave us confidence to compete every time we stepped on the field. We knew that we could play with anybody in the nation which we went on to prove. Being from New England, you want to play with a chip on your shoulder against the more well-known baseball states that we can play too. 

GAVIN PRICE – Class of the 2021, Quabbin Regional High School – SS/RHP

Being able to play college baseball with three of my teammates (Tyler Mudd, Connor Hujsak and Tyler Nielsen) who I’ve played with for most of my playing days is incredible.  There’s something comforting and exciting about knowing that after high school, you will be going to a school like Rutgers to play baseball with these three amazing teammates.

I’ve known Tyler Mudd since I was 10 years old. He has always been the guy that you know will get the job done.  He never quits and will go out and give everything he’s got to make his team better.  He’s probably one of the grittiest players I know.  I’ve met Connor when I was 12.  He’s an absolute beast at the plate, on the mound and in the field.  He’s the best all-around player I’ve ever played with and the idea of us possibly playing middle infield together is unreal.  Tyler Nielsen has worked hard to get where he is.  I never enjoyed getting into the batter’s box when he was on the mound. He’s tall, strong and lefty, with a filthy hook and live fastball that moves.  He works fast in the mound, throws strikes – a fielder’s dream.

Being a part of EBL has always put me on the field some of the best players in New England.  Every weekend, I looked forward to seeing top arms and competitive games.  I believe that many of the players I’ve played against in EBL, I’ll cross paths with them in college.  The preparation that the league provided us has no doubt put us in a great position to be recruited by schools like Rutgers and I will always have great memories of my time in EBL.