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By EBL, 04/17/19, 6:00PM EDT


Get to know the Giants Futures 12U player Bryan "Chunk" Henault.  Here is the EBL interview with Bryan: 

EBL: What EBL program do you play for and what age level?  

Henault: 12U Giants Futures.

EBL: What positions do you play?  What is your favorite position?  

Henault: The positions I play is pitcher and catcher. My favorite position is catcher. 

EBL: What grade are you in?  What is your hometown?

Henault: I'm in the 7th grade and I'm from Brockton, Ma. 

EBL: How do you like playing for the Giants Futures?  

Henault: I love playing for the Giants Futures! My team is like a big family. 

EBL: How does your team look this year? What are your team strengths? 

Henault: Our team is looking very good this year! Our strength is communication and our defense. 

EBL: What program do you get the most pumped to play? 

Henault: The GBG Hawks.

EBL: How do you like playing in the Elite Baseball League? 

Henault: This is our first year in the EBL and so far it has been a great experience. 

EBL: What is the most memorable game or tournament that you have ever played in?

Henault: Playing at Diamond Nation in Flemington, NJ last year. My coach said just hit a home run so I don't have to use a pinch runner. It was an amazing feeling not only to hit a home run but to see my coach's face. 

EBL: Besides baseball what is your favorite sport?

Henault: Football

EBL:  Who is your favorite MLB player and your favorite MLB team?  

Henault: My favorite player is Yadier Molina and my favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. 

EBL: What is your favorite baseball movie?

Henault: The Sandlot