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By EBL, 04/18/19, 4:15PM EDT


Joshua Boria has a very interesting story.  His family was forced to the USA from Puerto Rico when the hurricane storms displaced their family, leaving only his father Joel behind as he was working as a First Responder in the efforts to help save and rebuild his home community. After a year had past, Joel joined his family here in New Bedford, Ma and soon found baseball season had already began.  The local recreation league had told Joel that there was no room for his son as the last registration date had already passed.  Luckily Joshua's gym teacher at his new middle school knew of a local Red Sox player who works with local at-risk youth at the District Attorney's Office that also runs youth baseball teams.  One phone call later, Joshua was a part of his new home, Brian Rose Baseball.  Not long after that, Joshua has proven to almost everyone that his talent and love for the game is something special and we look forward to seeing Joshua and his family prosper here in the United States. 

EBL: What EBL program do you play for and what age level?  

Boria: I play for the Brian Rose 15U team as a 14U player. 

EBL: What positions do you play?  

Boria: The positions I play is center field, pitcher and first base. 

EBL: What grade are you in?  What is your hometown?

Boria: I am in the 8th grade. My hometown is Canovanas, Puerto Rico. 

EBL: How do you like playing for Rose Baseball?  What coach or coaches have had the most impact on your young career? 

Boria: I enjoy playing for Rose Baseball and also feel thankful that since I moved to the USA, Coach Rose game me the opportunity to be part of his organization. The coaches that have impacted my young baseball career are George Guzman, Carlos Figuero, Kyle Alfonso and my father Joel Boria who was also my coach in the past. 

EBL: How does your team look this year? What are your team strengths? 

Boria: This year my team looks strong, determined and ready to achieve new goals.  Some of my team's strengths are their motivation, talent and also their experience as baseball players. 

EBL: What program do you get the most pumped to play? 

Boria: I get pumped anytime I get to play the game of baseball. 

EBL: How do you like playing in the Elite Baseball League? 

Boria: I love the competition in this league. Baseball is my greatest passion and I truly dream of reaching new heights.

EBL: What is the most memorable game or tournament that you have ever played in?

Boria: When I was living in Puerto Rico I was chosen to represent Puerto Rico in the Pee Wee Reese World Series in 2017.  It was a tight game and we did not end up winning but I met other kids from around the world and I was able to make new friends.  I even exchanged my hat with a winning team member. I won the Star Fielder award which was awesome.