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League Rules


EBL will follow the MIAA High School Rules with the following modifications.

Schedules will be made by New England Elite Baseball League.
• Each team must play all games on schedule.
• Teams have the liberty to schedule tournaments or outside games.
• Only division games count towards your team’s record for playoffs.

• 9U-14U: Due March 25th.
• 15U-18U: Due May 31st.
• Players must meet age eligibility requirements (May 1st).
• A player can only be on one roster. In a non-division game, if a team is short a player they can use another player from your program but they can only play up. (Example, you can't use a division I player in a division IA or II game). In a division game or playoffs, you can only use your players on your roster.

• 9U-12U: 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4.
• 13U-18U: 15 runs after 3 & 4 innings, 10 runs after 5.
• Home team always gets their last at bat if needed.

• 9U-12U: 6 innings. (Official game is 4 innings)
• 13U-18U: 7 innings. (Official game is 4 innings)

• There are no Pitching restrictions in regular season.  There will be pitching restrictions in the playoffs. This will be released before playoffs.
• There are no warnings on balks for any age level except for the 10U Division I level in the month of April, 1 warning per pitcher.
• If a balk is called then the play is dead. Each base-runner moves up one base.

• Pitchers can not fake to third base, it will now be considered a balk.

• 9U-13U all divisions: USA Stamped Bats Only or BBCOR -3
• 14U Division I, IA , II & 15U Division II: BBCOR -3 Bats or Wood Bats

• 15U Division I, 17U Division I & 18U Division I: Wood Bats Only

• Teams can use any brand for baseballs.
• 9U-12U: Diamond DOL-1 quality or better.
• 13U-18U: Diamond DBR, DCR, DOL-A quality or better.

• Scores must be reported no later than Monday of each week.

• 9U-12U: Plastic cleats.
• 13U-18U: Metal or plastic cleats.

• Home Teams responsible for scheduling umpires.
• Teams will split cost of umpires.
• 9U-18U: Two patched umpires.

• 10U Division I: 46ft mound, 65ft bases leading and stealing.
•  9U & 10U Division II: 46ft mound, 60ft bases no leading.
• 11U-12U: 50ft mound, 70ft bases leading and stealing.
• 13U-18U: 60.6ft mound, 90ft bases leading and stealing.

• Re-entry rule. A player can only re-enter for the same player that went in for him and then that player he goes back in for is done for that game. You can not re-enter for a different player. You can never hit in 2 different spots in the line-up during a game.
• Re-entry for a pitcher: In the event a pitcher is substituted with a pinch-runner or hitter, the pitcher may re-enter the game immediately as long as another pitcher does not throw a pitch. If he re-enters after someone else throws a pitch, he will not be allowed to pitch in that game.

• The batting order must consist of at least 9 players. Teams can use an EH and a DH in the same line-up. Teams also have the option of using as many EH’s as they want.
• If a player is injured while using a continuous batting order and that players spot in the batting order comes up, an out is recorded and then they can continue with the batting order.
• A team must start a game with 9 players but can finish with 8 players.

• Teams can use a courtesy runner for the catcher.

•  Coaches simply need to tell the umpire that you are intentionally walking the batter and no longer need to throw four pitches.

• Only 4 division double-headers will count towards standings for 9U-12U. Only 6 division double-headers will count towards standings for 13U & 14U.  Only 4 division double-headers will count towards standings for 15U & 17U.   

• Only the Division Games will count towards playoffs.‚Äč 

• Playoff set-up for what teams will make the playoffs will be posted once all teams are registered for the 2020 season. 
• Tie Breaker system will be runs allowed, runs scored in division games, then same format with the last division double header.
• Brackets: Each division will consist of a Gold & Silver Brackets
• Weekend #1: All teams will play a double header on Saturday & Sunday by seedings.
• Weekend #2: Top 6 teams will advance to the single elimination round on that Saturday. Sunday will be the Championship Games.
• All playoff games must be completed. If any playoff game is called because of weather or darkness, this game must be continued from the exact spot when it was called. 

• EBL will determine how teams are placed in each division by reviewing previous records & written requests.

• If a game is tied after all innings have been completed, the "Tie-Breaker" will go into effect. Each team starts with the bases loaded and one out.  The last 3 batters from the previous innings are the base runners. This will continue until you get a winner. (Excludes championship games)