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EBL 2019 Fall League


EBL'S 7th annual Fall League dates are now out.  EBL Fall League as an extension to our EBL season for teams that want to keep their skills sharp throughout the fall and get a jump start to their upcoming Spring/Summer season. EBL will offer the following age divisions for the fall of 2019: 10U, 12U & 14U. All travel teams are encouraged to join. These are for teams getting ready for  the 2020 season.

For more information, call EBL at 603-944-2478 or email


>This league is for travel type teams only.
>League will be run similar to the EBL Travel League.
>Set schedule, updated stats, competitive teams and an organized season.
>Single elimination playoff format.
>1st & 2nd place trophies.


>10U: Little League Rules (46ft mound, 60ft bases, no leading)
>12U: In-between Diamond (50ft mound, 70ft bases, leading & stealing)
>14U & 18U: Big Diamond (60.6ft mound, 90ft bases, leading & stealing)


>Regular Season: September 7th - 29th (4 weekend season)
>Playoffs: October 5th weekend
>10U & 12U: Will play double headers on Saturdays.
>14U & 18U: Will play double headers on Sundays.
>Teams split cost of umps and baseballs each game.
>Team Fee: FREE